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Autor, Anonym (2021) Ein Monat Putsch. Ein Monat Widerstand.

Arshad, A. (2021) Myanmar’s Military is Myanmar’s Agony.

Aryal, Saroj Kumar ; Bharti, Simant Shankar (2021) Post-Taliban Takeover: What is at Stake for India in Afghanistan?

Aryal, Saroj Kumar ; Nair, Adithyan (2021) 'SAARC's dysfunctionality and China's foot at South Asia's Door.


Casaca, Paulo (2021) Bangladesh resists Chinese BRI heavy-handiness!

Casaca, Paulo (2021) Central Asia and the EU-India connectivity partnership - Reinventing the spicy network.

Casaca, Paulo (2021) On the UN Genocide Remembrance Day.

Casaca, Paulo (2021) Pakistan: development calls for freedom and democracy!

Chak, Sopheap (2021) Cambodia’s National Internet Gateway – a pretext for shrinking digital rights?

Chak, Sopheap (2021) Kambodschas National Internet Gateway – ein Vorwand, um digitale Rechte einzuschränken?

Chartier, Joséphine (2021) European FDI to India and Covid-19.

Chartier, Josephine (2021) Sustainable development through trade – Case study: Pakistan’s GSP+ and the red meat market.


(2021) Disinformation in the name of the ‘fight against disinformation’ - The case of ‘EU DisinfoLab’.


George, Geena (2021) Closing Gender Gaps in Education, Finance & Child Care – Unlocking the Full Potential of Women Entrepreneurship in India.

George, Geena (2021) Technology Transfer in Bangladesh to Accelerate Energy Transition.

Geri, Maurizio (2021) Was the NATO Afghan mission a failure? An urgent evaluation by NATO is needed.

Glass, Nicola (2021) Proteste gegen Putschisten – Widerstand in den Nachbarländern Myanmar und Thailand.


Hermes, Karin Louise (2021) Klimagerechtigkeit ist kein Terrorakt, sondern ein Grundrecht.


Khan Daim, Makam ; Edet, Isidore Henry (2021) State Rationales for contributing troops to UN peacekeeping operations.

Khatu, Jayesh (2021) India-EU Maritime Cooperation: Defining contours for a partnership in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Klabisch, Joanna ; Straube, Christian (2021) Zivilgesellschaft und China: weniger Raum, mehr Dialogbedarf.


Mamatov, Mamadjan (2021) Historical and philosophical essence of teaching.

Manalapanacharoen, Suphot (2021) Die deutsche Community in Siam zwischen 1850 und 1917. Eine Geschichte von Transkulturation und Integration.

McKay, Hollie (2021) India can play a pivotal role in Afghanistan’s stability after U.S. withdrawal.

Stiftung, Asienhaus (2021) Just Transition in der Palmölindustrie. Eine erste Annäherung.

Müller, Gotelind (2021) All under Heaven and Shared Skies: Memorialisation of Aviators in Nanjing between "Patriotism" and "Internationalism".

Müller, Gotelind (2021) Chinese Grave Problems: The Historical Trajectory of the Republican-Era Sun-Chiang-Soong Families as Mirrored in Their Tombs.


Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Pakistan’s new civilian-military cordiality in perspective.

Panda, Chayanika Uniyal (2021) Indian National Congress: What can save the political future of the grand old party.


Ranjan, Rajiv (2021) Basic Hindi I.


Shivamurthy, Aditya Gowdara (2021) Demystifying the Republic Day violence: Assessing political greed within India’s farmer protests.

Stiftung, Asienhaus (2021) Monolog oder Dialog? Perspektiven auf Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit, Eurozentrismus und Solidarität.


Uddin, Ala (2021) Recognition and trial of the 1971 genocide against Bengalis.

Uniyal, Chayanika (2021) India’s New Education Policy in 2020: Antinomies of progress.


Werning, Rainer (2021) Krisenhilfe nur für Reiche – ökonomisches Verständnis, Bedeutung für Demokratie und Armutsbekämpfung in den Philippinen.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) After Kabul – What next for Pakistan?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Beijing’s expansionism in the Himalayas.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) From Taliban 2.0 to EU DisInfolab – The outreach of Global Jihadism.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Gwadar protests and the peculiar role of Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) India-Pakistan relations and the upcoming Ankara conference on Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Intra-Afghan-Peace Talks (I): Pakistan’s growing influence in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Intra-Afghan-Peace Talks (II): Pakistan and the puzzle over the future of foreign military presence in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Intra-Afghan-Peace Talks (III): Pakistan’s push for an interim government in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Is Pakistan’s PM Khan losing his political grip?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) (Mis-)Judging the state? The crisis in Pakistan’s judiciary and its ramifications.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Out of sight, out of mind? Biden’s calamitous decision on Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations in flux: Is Islamabad realigning its foreign policy?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Pakistan’s vision to reset its ties with the U.S. and the implications for the Afghan peace negotiations.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Remember Mumbai! - Europe must not appease the sponsorship of terrorism.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Terrorism financing: Crypto-Taliban?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) The threat of the Taliban’s rising to power in Afghanistan – Where will Pakistan stand?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Tottering Taliban – leverage to improve the plight of the Afghan people?


Yousuf, Ambreen (2021) Decades of Patience and An Invisible Change in Kashmir.

Yousuf, Ambreen (2021) EU-India: Building bridges through High-Level Dialogue.

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