Beijing’s expansionism in the Himalayas

Wolf, Siegfried O.

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‘China Is Building Entire Villages in Another Country’s Territory’ is the title of a report by Robert Barnett, an eminent scholar on modern Tibetan history and politics. The report regarded an official visit by Chinese authorities to the new village of Gyalaphug (Jieluobu1), ‘key to the settlement of the Beyul (Baiyu) [within Bhutan] by China’: ‘Gyalaphug is now one of three new villages (two already occupied, one under construction), 66 miles of new roads, a small hydropower station, two Communist Party administrative centers, a communications base, a disaster relief warehouse, five military or police outposts, and what are believed to be a major signals tower, a satellite receiving station, a military base, and up to six security sites and outposts that China has constructed in what it says are parts of Lhodrak in the TAR [Tibet Autonomous Region] but which in fact are in the far north of Bhutan.’ Hundreds of such structures are being built along the Tibetan side of the Himalayas; however, these ones in particular are being built in another country. After elaborating on Chinese constructions in Gyalaphug and its surrounding area (a process depicted as the ‘settlement of entire districts’), Barnett draws the larger picture as concerns Beijing’s claims over Bhutanese territory. According to the scholar, currently ‘China claims four areas in the west, three in the north (Beyul Khenpajong [Baiyu; were Gyalaphug is located], Menchuma Valley [Minjiuma] and Chagdzom area) and one in the east (Sakteng [Molasading])’ of Bhutan. [...]

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