Publishing on FID4SA-Repository

FID4SA-Repository publishes the following document types:

  • Dissertations
  • Journal articles
  • Book articles from edited volumes
  • Pre-prints of articles
  • Master's theses (better than overall grade 1.5)

All documents published on FID4SA-Repository must deal with South Asian Studies topics and meet formal academic standards. We publish documents both as first or primary publications ("Gold" Open Access) and as secondary publications ("Green" Open Access).

Publishing documents on FID4SA-Repository

Publishing on FID4SA-Repository is free of charge for authors. The Heidelberg University Library staff will take care of uploading your file(s). The following preparations are necessary for this:

  1. You provide us with your text in an electronic format. The file format we prefer is PDF (Portable Document Format).

    The files can be sent by e-mail or via web-based data exchange services.

    Heidelberg University Library reserves the right to convert documents into another file format, e.g. for technical reasons!

  2. Please prepare an abstract in German (max. 5,000 characters) and in English (5,000 characters).
  3. Please complete our copyright agreement.

By signing this form, the authors transfer to Heidelberg University Library the right to reproduce the document, make it available to the public and store it on the institutional server. The authors affirm that they are the authors of the submitted documents and that they have not entered into any obligations with any other party that prohibit the above-mentioned rights of use. They further warrant that the document is original and does not infringe any copyright or other rights of any other party. With the help of SHERPA, a UK Open Access initiative, authors can check the copyright policies of the main publishers and their attitude to self-archiving.

Please send the completed form by post or fax to CATS Library, South Asia Dept (see contact information on the form).

Authors are responsible for compliance with copyright regulations. The responsibility for publication lies solely with the authors. Heidelberg University Library assumes no responsibility.

By publishing on FID4SA-Repository, authors retain their rights of use, in particular the right to publish the document in a book or journal or to publish it on other institutional repositories. Meanwhile, more and more publishers are granting their authors the right to publish their publications on a personal website or an institutional server. According to the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities, scientists and scholars are encouraged to leave their right to publish their publications on institutional repositories - if necessary after an embargo period - in the copyright contracts with the publisher [see Empfehlungen zur digitalen Informationsversorgung durch Hochschulbibliotheken. Ed. v. Wissenschaftsrat, Greifswald 12 July 2001, PDF (10.12.2001), p. 26].

The documents published on FID4SA-Repository are not dynamic. This means that when changes are made, the changed document is saved as a new version.

For more information, see "About FID4SA-Repository".