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1 Putting Pakistan’s Ban of the Haqqani Network into Perspective Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

2 From Post- to Pre-Elections: Are new polls the way forward in Bangladesh? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2014

2, 2015 Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Beyond Disaster, Relief and Restoration, Azorean Notes for effective Reconstruction and Development Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce 2015

3 In the Aftermath of Karzai: Any Improvement for Women and their Rights in Afghanistan? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

4 Why is it important to emphasise the different ways in which pupils and their families value education in South Asia? An anthropological perspective Walravens, Meia 2015

5 2015 Earthquake in Nepal: Mapping the Political Aftermath Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

6 Pakistan’s political stiffness: The ‘social agreement’ for FATA’s North Waziristan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

7 Bangladesh - Bridge between South and Southeast Asia? Zingel, Wolfgang-Peter 2015

8 Why A Cyberterrorism Focused ‘Data Governance Policy’ Would Win in India Where a “Draft National Encryption Policy” Could Not Panda, Shashanka Shekhar 2015

9 The Rohingyas’ Trail of Tears: Continuing Persecution of an Ethnic Minority in Myanmar Chambers, Paul 2015

10 What Went Wrong in Crucial Bihar Election for Mr. Narendra Modi, Why, What’s At Stake and What he Must Do Panda, Shashanka Shekhar 2015

11 Reinventing Rio: For an inclusive sustainable development strategy Casaca, Paulo 2015

12 The plight of Religious Minorities in Pakistan Yousaf, Farooq 2016

13 The Fallacy of State Rhetoric: Pakistan, Haqqani Network and Terror in Afghanistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

14 FDI in India: Do New Delhi and state governments need to re-think strategies? Singh Maini, Tridivesh 2016

15 Re-Engineering Ideas in Developmental Growth Mohan, Deepanshu 2016

16 Rising Islamism in Bangladesh is a European concern too Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

17 Crackdown on Islamists: Bangladesh’s new campaign against Jihadi terror in perspective Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

18 Prospecting energy cooperation between SAARC and ASEAN Sarma, Hriday Ch. 2016

20 The future of regional cooperation in South Asia: Lessons from the EU and ASEAN De Geest, Sarah 2016

21 Betwixt and Between: The FATA Reform Process and the China- Pakistan Economic Corridor Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

22 Fractured Narratives: Identities in a Political Vacuum Sharma, Sadhvi 2016

23 South China Sea in India’s Strategic Gambit: Interests and Policies Jash, Amrita 2016

24 The Analytics of Conflict and Studying its Economic Impact Mohan, Deepanshu ; Sinha, Samrat 2016

25 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its impact on Gilgit-Baltistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

26 The evolution of Lashkar-E-Tayyiba in India and the road to 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks Ahmad, Afroz 2016

27 From China to Turkey: The Uighurs in a Position of a New Asia’s Rising Force in the Global Jihad Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

28 Peace-making in Afghanistan: Heart of Asia is in Question? Singh, Bawa 2017

29 Governing Dynamics of Cross-Border Trade: A Case Study from the Indo-Bhutan Border Region Mohan, Deepanshu ; Raghunath, Tanuja ; Medipally, Sanjana 2017

30 Generating Empathy, Restoring Dignity: The Curious Case of Sri Lanka Yusuf, Salma 2017

31 Russia-China Engagement in post-9/11 Afghanistan and its Impact on the South Asian Regional Security Complex Garhwal, Sudhir Kumar 2017

32 Spatial Justice In South Asia - A Zipf’s Curve Approach Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce 2017

33 A brief legal history of the Minimum Wages Act (1948) and its implementation in India Sinha, Raghu Vinayak ; Rai, Shivkrit ; Kotian, Ria 2017

34 The paradox of public benefit schemes in India Lakhotia, Shanantu 2017

35 Growing Nepal-China security cooperation and its ramifications for India Wolf, Siegfried O. 2018

36 Cultural exchange rate: role of India’s soft power in binding SAARC nations Masood, Asma 2018

37 Public Participation and Ecotourism: The role and the right of people in Sikkim Kaewkhunok, Suppawit 2018

38 Between law and practice: Reflections from the sealing drive across Delhi Rai, Shivkrit ; Kaya, Purvi ; Mohan, Deepanshu 2018

39 The Battery of ASEAN: The opportunity and lesson of India’s energy security Kaewkhunok, Suppawit 2018

40 Coup d'état? Democracy and National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka once again at stake Wolf, Siegfried O. ; Guarda, Susan 2018

41 India votes in 2019: A trendsetter for majoritarian politics and populism Nandy, Mrittika 2019

42 Fighting terrorism: can Pakistan overcome its negative image? Nisar, Tehseen 2019

43 In the line of fire: The climate threat to global security Bisht, Jitendra 2019

44 Act East and Indo-Pacific: Assessing the responses from ASEAN Kundu, Sampa 2019

45 Kashmir and the abrogation of Article 370: Can peace be possible, or stalemate continue to hamper India and Pakistan relations in future? Nisar, Tehseen 2019

46 Cross-border terrorism: The case of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir Sild, Paul Frederik 2019

47 The myth of Pakistan acting as ‘protector’ of the Kashmiri people Wolf, Siegfried O. 2019

48 The New Edge in India-Russia Relations: Probabilities Bhattacharya, Ipshita 2020

49 Only an Afghan-led peace process can bring peace to Afghanistan Guarda, Susan ; Wolf, Siegfried O. 2020

50 China and Pakistan: Original Sinners of Gilgit-Baltistan and the ‘Azad Jammu and Kashmir’ - A tale of genocide, covert demographic engineering, slavery, and suppression Pandya, Abhinav 2020

51 Understanding China’s policies towards its Muslim communities Madatali, Hannah 2020

52 A European water partnership with South Asia Casaca, Paulo 2020

53 The Significance of Gender in Infrastructural Development Vasani, Krupa 2020

54 The Changing Face of Urban Informality - Class, Migration & Gender Mehendale, Atharva 2020

55 Broadening Horizons of India's Act East Policy: Future Avenues Hazra, Arkoprabho 2020

56 The interpretation of religious texts and historical narratives around Hindu-Muslim conflict in contemporary India Biswal, Sabyasachi 2020

57 Coping up with the Corona Crisis: India Inc shows the way with Nobel Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Nandy, Mrittika 2020

58 Crawling Back to Normalcy: The Super Cyclonic Storm ‘Amphan’ Brings West Bengal to a Complete Halt Nandy, Mrittika 2020

59 Uzbekistan: India’s Strategic Gateway to Central Asia Basu, Sweta 2020

60 The Untold tale of an unending border Dwivedi, Manan ; Richhariya, Katyayinee 2020

61 EU-India Summit: Vision and Mission Yousef, Ambreen 2020

62 Indian Urban Policy for Environmental Sustainability: The Role of Behavioural Economics Agarwal, Aakash 2020

63 Macro and Micro Evidence: Labour Reforms Do Not Facilitate Growth in the Manufacturing Sector Agarwal, Aakash 2020

64 Smart Governance in times of extreme Natural Disasters: An Introspection. The ‘After Phase’ of Super Cyclone Amphan in India and Bangladesh De, Jaydip ; Bandyopadhyay, Sumana 2020

65 Pakistan and the future of Afghanistan Wolf, Siegfried 2020

66 The Maldives in the face of recurrent Jihadism Casaca, Paulo 2020

67 Rural India: The Country's Untapped Growth Engine Luthra, Rajan 2020

68 Sustainable development through trade – Case study: Pakistan’s GSP+ and the red meat market Chartier, Josephine 2021

69 Indian National Congress: What can save the political future of the grand old party Panda, Chayanika Uniyal 2021

70 Myanmar’s Military is Myanmar’s Agony Arshad, A. 2021

71 State Rationales for contributing troops to UN peacekeeping operations Khan Daim, Makam ; Edet, Isidore Henry 2021

72 Closing Gender Gaps in Education, Finance & Child Care – Unlocking the Full Potential of Women Entrepreneurship in India George, Geena 2021

73 European FDI to India and Covid-19 Chartier, Joséphine 2021

74 Post-Taliban Takeover: What is at Stake for India in Afghanistan? Aryal, Saroj Kumar ; Bharti, Simant Shankar 2021

75 India’s New Education Policy in 2020: Antinomies of progress Uniyal, Chayanika 2021

76 'SAARC's dysfunctionality and China's foot at South Asia's Door Aryal, Saroj Kumar ; Nair, Adithyan 2021

77 Technology Transfer in Bangladesh to Accelerate Energy Transition George, Geena 2021

78 Saving the United Nations from the Shadow of The Great Hall of People - Perspectives from an Indo-Italian Dialogue Kumar, Amit ; Alparone, Diletta M. L. 2022

79 Sri Lanka looks back to India Wolf, Siegfried O. 2022

80 Facts Versus Falsehoods: Decoding the Gandhi-Bose Relationship Nandy, Mrittika 2022

81 Regional Geopolitics and Sri Lankan Crisis: Options for India Aryal, Saroj Kumar ; Balashanmuganandam, Keerthana KL 2022

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