Coup d'état? Democracy and National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka once again at stake

Wolf, Siegfried O. ; Guarda, Susan

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This SADF Focus outlines the causal developments and offers an assessment of Sri Lanka’s current constitutional and political crisis. With the unprecedented return of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, domestic and international observers are unsure about the future of Sri Lanka’s national reconciliation, as well as the relationship between the Buddhist Sinhalese majority and the religious minorities. For some, Mr Rajapaksa brings back former patterns of authoritarianism and corruption in Sri Lankan politics, but for others, he is seen as the country’s protector of the Sinhalese Buddhist heritage. The authors argue that the current debate of the legitimacy of ousting Prime Minister (PM) Ranil Wickramasinghe goes beyond the interpretation of the constitution. In fact, the legitimacy question points to the core problem of the power struggle between the institutions of the PM and the President. It will be concluded that Mr Rajapaksa’s return to office could mean a hindrance for Sri Lanka’s peace efforts. Recent violence and mass protests have given a grim projection of Sri Lanka’s peace reconciliation trajectory.

Document type: Article
Publisher: South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF)
Place of Publication: Brussels
Date: 2018
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Controlled Keywords: Sri Lanka, Politik, Bürgerkrieg, Minderheitenfrage, Friedensbemühung, Versöhnung, Demokratie
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Subject (classification): Politics
Religion and Philosophy
Countries/Regions: Sri Lanka
Series: Themen > SADF Focus
Volume: 40