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Autor, Anonym (2021) Ein Monat Putsch. Ein Monat Widerstand.

Arshad, A. (2021) Myanmar’s Military is Myanmar’s Agony.


Casaca, Paulo ; Guarda, Susan (2018) Crimes against humanity - An assessment of Bangladesh’s response in a comparative perspective; the cases of Cambodia and Iraq.

Casaca, Paulo (2021) On the UN Genocide Remembrance Day.

Casaca, Paulo (2021) Pakistan: development calls for freedom and democracy!

Casaca, Paulo (2020) The Maldives in the face of recurrent Jihadism.

Casaca, Paulo ; Wolf, Siegfried O. (2017) Waging Jihad by Other Means: Iran’s Drug Business and its Role within the International Crime-Terror Nexus.

Chambers, Paul (2015) The Rohingyas’ Trail of Tears: Continuing Persecution of an Ethnic Minority in Myanmar.


Dwivedi, Manan ; Richhariya, Katyayinee (2020) The Untold tale of an unending border.


Geri, Maurizio (2021) Was the NATO Afghan mission a failure? An urgent evaluation by NATO is needed.

Glass, Nicola (2021) Proteste gegen Putschisten – Widerstand in den Nachbarländern Myanmar und Thailand.

Grein, Christina ; Göpel, Raphael ; Keppel, Christina ; Overhoff, Mirjam ; Wongratanawin, Praphakorn (2020) Schleichende Eindämmung von Freiheiten - Ausbau von autoritären Strukturen während der Corona-Krise in Südostasiens Regimen.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2018) Growing Nepal-China security cooperation and its ramifications for India.

(2017) GSP, the mid-term review and Pakistan: The need to recalibrate.

Guarda, Susan ; Wolf, Siegfried O. (2020) Only an Afghan-led peace process can bring peace to Afghanistan.


Kellerhoff, Olaf (2010) Die Rolle des Militärs im politischen System Pakistans. In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 21-22 (2010), pp. 17-23. ISSN 0479-611X

Khan Daim, Makam ; Edet, Isidore Henry (2021) State Rationales for contributing troops to UN peacekeeping operations.


May, Nyein Chan (2023) Myanmar: Feminismus in einem intersektionalen Widerstand?

May, Nyein Chan ; Wah, Mauk Kham (2023) Myanmar im Widerstand – Ein Rückblick in Bildern.

McKay, Hollie (2021) India can play a pivotal role in Afghanistan’s stability after U.S. withdrawal.


Nisar, Tehseen (2019) Fighting terrorism: can Pakistan overcome its negative image?


Orakzai, Saira Bano (2017) Islam, democracy and human rights: The case of Pakistan’s struggle with the democratic institutions and human rights values.


(2016) Pakistan’s cross-border terrorism - The Pathankot attack.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Pakistan’s new civilian-military cordiality in perspective.

Pandya, Abhinav (2020) China and Pakistan: Original Sinners of Gilgit-Baltistan and the ‘Azad Jammu and Kashmir’ - A tale of genocide, covert demographic engineering, slavery, and suppression.


Sharma, Shivani (2020) Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Peace Agreement or a Mere Withdrawal Deal?

Sharma, Shivani (2020) The Challenge of Terrorism: An Impediment in US-Pakistan Relations.

Sild, Paul Frederik (2019) Cross-border terrorism: The case of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Singh, Bawa (2017) Peace-making in Afghanistan: Heart of Asia is in Question?


(2020) Tablighi Jamaat and its role in the Global Jihad.


Werning, Rainer (2019) Großes Hoffen auf ein Stück weit Frieden - Zum Hintergrund des Plebiszits über das Bangsamoro-Grundgesetz am 21. Januar und 6. Februar 2019.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) After Kabul – What next for Pakistan?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2022) A window of opportunity in India-Pakistan relations?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Beijing’s expansionism in the Himalayas.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2020) Contextualising Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Eulogy of Osama Bin Laden.

Wolf, Siegfried O. ; Guarda, Susan (2018) Coup d'état? Democracy and National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka once again at stake.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) From Taliban 2.0 to EU DisInfolab – The outreach of Global Jihadism.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2017) Genocide, exodus and exploitation for jihad: the urgent need to address the Rohingya crisis.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) India-Pakistan relations and the upcoming Ankara conference on Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Intra-Afghan-Peace Talks (II): Pakistan and the puzzle over the future of foreign military presence in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Intra-Afghan-Peace Talks (III): Pakistan’s push for an interim government in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) (Mis-)Judging the state? The crisis in Pakistan’s judiciary and its ramifications.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2020) On the Asian Century, Pax Sinica & Beyond (XIII): Pakistan’s state-terrorism and the plight of the Pashtuns.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Out of sight, out of mind? Biden’s calamitous decision on Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Remember Mumbai! - Europe must not appease the sponsorship of terrorism.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2020) Resurgent Rebellion in Balochistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2022) Sri Lanka looks back to India.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2016) The Fallacy of State Rhetoric: Pakistan, Haqqani Network and Terror in Afghanistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) The threat of the Taliban’s rising to power in Afghanistan – Where will Pakistan stand?

Wongratanawin, Praphakorn (2019) Thailändische Dissident*innen in Laos: Wenn »unsichtbare« Geflüchtete verschwinden.


Yousaf, Farooq (2016) The plight of Religious Minorities in Pakistan.

Yusuf, Salma (2017) Generating Empathy, Restoring Dignity: The Curious Case of Sri Lanka.

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