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1 The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: An assessment of its feasibility and impact on regional cooperation Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

2 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Civil-Military Relations and Democracy in Pakistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

3 Attitudes on Trans-Himalayan Cooperation Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce 2016

4 Prospects for the Implementation of a Water Management Regime in the Brahmaputra River Basin: An Assessment of the Guiding Principles Babalová, Nora 2017

5 Waging Jihad by Other Means: Iran’s Drug Business and its Role within the International Crime-Terror Nexus Casaca, Paulo ; Wolf, Siegfried O. 2017

6 Genocide, exodus and exploitation for jihad: the urgent need to address the Rohingya crisis Wolf, Siegfried O. 2017

7 Islam, democracy and human rights: The case of Pakistan’s struggle with the democratic institutions and human rights values Orakzai, Saira Bano 2017

8 Challenges of the New Silk Route Initiative (NSRI) for Afghanistan Bhat, Tawseef A ; Kaw, Mushtaq A 2018

9 India-Thailand Security and Economic Co-operation and its Impacts on Regionalization Wolf, Siegfried O. 2018

10 South Asia at the crossroads: Connectivity, security and sustainable development (Special issue) Wolf, Siegfried O. 2018

11 Crimes against humanity - An assessment of Bangladesh’s response in a comparative perspective; the cases of Cambodia and Iraq Casaca, Paulo ; Guarda, Susan 2018

12 China’s interventions in the Indian subcontinent: Challenges for Modi’s foreign policy Arshad 2018

13 India’s Growing Trade Relationship within South Asia: Reflections from Trends of the Recent Past Grover, Madhav ; Agarwal, Shivani 2019

14 Alternative views for Afghanistan Guarda, Susan 2019

15 Internationalisation - The Next Kashmir Conflict Pandya, Abhinav 2020

16 Information Crises: the EU’s response and the South Asian digital media landscape Banerjee, Rituparna 2020

17 New or Renewed Town: Sustainable Urbanisation in Kolkata Sivaramakrishnan, Lakshmi ; Bandyopadhyay, Sumana ; Sarkar, Sanghamitra ; Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce 2020

18 Covid-19 in South Asia: Space Matters Sarkar, Sanghamitra ; Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce 2020

19 The NSRI and the BRI: the Future of Central Asia Hamid Sheikh, Abdul 2020

20 An Ethnographic Insight on Border-Markets: Reflections from the Indo-Bhutan Border Roychowdhary, Shrrijiet ; Agarwal, Shivani ; Singh, Mansi ; Singh, Vanshika 2020

21 Popular Front of India - Understanding the Propaganda and Agenda Awasthi, Soumya 2020

22 Pakistan’s Pandemic Policies Wolf, Siegfried O. 2020

23 EU-Sri Lanka relations: A bond between trade and human rights Elapata, Deshika 2020

24 Prospects for Cooperation between India and Armenia Dentinho, Tomaz Ponce ; Bandyopadhyay, Sumana ; Harutyunian, Anahit ; Sarma, Hriday Ch. 2020

25 ‘Hydropolitics’ in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region - The case for a unified, committed, multilateral effort Casaca, Paulo 2020

26 Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations in flux: Is Islamabad realigning its foreign policy? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2021

27 Historical and philosophical essence of teaching Mamatov, Mamadjan 2021

28 (Mis-)Judging the state? The crisis in Pakistan’s judiciary and its ramifications Wolf, Siegfried O. 2021

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