Internationalisation - The Next Kashmir Conflict

Pandya, Abhinav

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The next phase of the Kashmir conflict will be its internationalisation. Over the last 70 years, it has largely remained a localized conflict zone. However, social, political cultural and religious developments over the last decade have paved a way for the penetration of pan-Islamist attitudes in Kashmir’s society. Wahhabism had made deep inroads since 2011. Militancy has taken a West Asian turn in tactics and ideology. Several international state actors have become involved in Kashmir. Further, the recent abrogation of the special status of Kashmir and its fallouts, visible in the global diplomatic platforms and media has fastened the process of the internationalisation of Kashmir issue. Lastly, with the change in India policy from “strategic restraint” to “zero tolerance to terror,” there is a strong likelihood of a major security crisis in the event of any major terrorist strike in India by a Pakistan-based terrorist group which will compel the world powers to intervene in a significant way.

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