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FID4SA-Repository is the full-text server of the Specialized Information Service South Asia – FID4SA (from 04/2022) and is provided by Heidelberg University Library. It offers scholars worldwide the opportunity to publish their texts in electronic form free of charge according to Open Access principles. All types of publications (e.g. monographs, articles, lectures) from the field of South Asian Studies and Indology can be archived at FID4SA-Repository. The documents are stored using standardised addresses (URN, DOI) and metadata (OAI-PMH) and their long-term availability is guaranteed. They are also searchable via the German union catalogues and search engines.

Currently, FID4SA-Repository offers free full-text access to 4,462 publications.

Most recent items

1. Harder, Hans ; Zaidi, Nishat ; Tschacher, Torsten (2022) The Vernacular: Three Essays on an Ambivalent Concept and its Uses in South Asia.
[thumbnail of The Vernacular_HarderZaidiTschacher.pdf]
2. Kumar, Amit ; Alparone, Diletta M. L. (2022) Saving the United Nations from the Shadow of The Great Hall of People - Perspectives from an Indo-Italian Dialogue.
[thumbnail of Focus.78.pdf]
3. Nandy, Mrittika (2022) Facts Versus Falsehoods: Decoding the Gandhi-Bose Relationship.
[thumbnail of Focus.80.pdf]
4. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2022) Pakistan's new government challenges.
[thumbnail of Comment.230.pdf]
5. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2022) From Kabul to Kyiv, Pakistan’s persistent diplomatic course.
[thumbnail of Comment.227.pdf]