FID4SA-Repository – Print on demand license

The following terms and conditions shall apply to documents or files made available on FID4SA-Repository with a "print-on-demand" license.

  • Each time a document is used, the copyright laws (German Copyright Act) have to be complied with. Reproduction is only permitted for private and other personal use according to § 53 German Copyright Act. The publication may not be modified or altered in any way (§ 23 German Copyright Act).
  • The author / copyright owner has agreed to a permanent public access and archiving of the work prior to publication on FID4SA-Repository and has granted the necessary single rights to Heidelberg University Library. Any further communication to the public is not allowed and can be done only with the explicit permission of the author.
  • The work may be printed and distributed by the University Library or by a service provider by way of print-on-demand (POD) in print or on other media (CD-ROM, etc.).
  • The writer / author is responsible for the content of the document. Heidelberg University Library assumes no liability for the content of the publication on FID4SA-Repository — as well as for links to external web pages.

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