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Andrés, Luis ; Biller, Dan ; Herrera Dappe, Matías (2014) Infrastructure Gap in South Asia: Infrastructure Needs, Prioritization, and Financing.

Arshad (2018) China’s interventions in the Indian subcontinent: Challenges for Modi’s foreign policy.

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Casaca, Paulo (2021) Bangladesh resists Chinese BRI heavy-handiness!

Casaca, Paulo (2021) Central Asia and the EU-India connectivity partnership - Reinventing the spicy network.

Casaca, Paulo (2021) Pakistan: development calls for freedom and democracy!

Casaca, Paulo ; Wolf, Siegfried O. (2017) Waging Jihad by Other Means: Iran’s Drug Business and its Role within the International Crime-Terror Nexus.

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(2020) EU-South Asia trade perspectives: State of play.


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Klabisch, Joanna ; Straube, Christian (2021) Zivilgesellschaft und China: weniger Raum, mehr Dialogbedarf.

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Nabiyeva, Komila (2019) Win-win or Win-lose? China-Kazakhstan Energy Cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Overhoff, Mirjam (2020) Corona und OFWs in Deutschland - Von Arbeitserleichterung bis zur absoluten Prekarisierung.


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